Welcome to our Willstead website, please feel free to look around and come back often to see any new and exciting changes. We are proud to offer our SE1-10 Stirling engine for purchase in our online shop.

Available online now.

The Willstead Story

Our Stirling Engine

 The SE1-10 is fully assembled and ready to run straight out of the box.

NO machining OR assembly required.

AU$449.00 from our secure online shop here

Stirling engines or hot air engines are a fascinating machine to see in operation. The Stirling engine runs on expanding and contracting air doing work on the power piston. Sir Robert Stirling patented the regenerator in the year 1816 and was a leader in this technology. Many others followed, manufacturing many machines until the late 1800’s and the beginning of 1900’s when the electric motor and internal combustion engine became popular.

Many fantastic and interesting engines have been invented over the years, like the Hit N Miss, Flame Licker or Flame Gulper, Steam Engines and the LTD (Low Temperature Difference stirling engine) to name a few.

Here at Willstead we are very proud to introduce our SE1 Stirling engine model. The Willstead SE1 is a gamma type Stirling engine. The SE1 engine is machined from solid bar and flat sheet stock using the latest lathe and milling machine technology.

The SE1 is a joy to run and to see in action, friends and family will be amazed that this engine runs purely on expanding hot air. Just a small methylated spirit burner and air, that’s it...



The Willstead Story
This is a video of one of our customers Keith Drew from Rockingham western Australia that constructed a beautiful Merry-go-round carousel powered by one of our Willstead Stirling engines that he purchased some time back. He used oddments that he found around his workshop and from the hardware store. To power the carousel and slow the speed down he used a small gearbox from an old industrial instrument device. It is made from glass, brass, stainless steel and the horses are of very high quality purchased from the hobby store. The Willstead engine powers this gigantic wonderful creation that weighs over 10 kilograms and will run all day long as seen at one of our show in Australia. Every part of the carousel moves or rotates, horses either move up and down, around or turn in some way, also two music boxes provide the sound that a true Merry-go-round would have.